Training Need Analysis

The business world is changing rapidly and organisations need to keep pace with this change. As a result, every employee is being asked to stretch his/her limits and do more than before, plus do it faster.

Corporates want solutions to address these issues. Also, organisations are realising that time and effort need to be invested toward a targeted training solution.

Training Need Analysis (TNA) is the first step on the path towards effective training. TNA means measuring the gap between skills available in a corporate, skills required for employees and making workable recommendations to bridge the gap.

Assessment of the present situation, assessment of the need for training, assessing the problems that necessitate training, assessing the areas that specifically require people to be trained in – answering these queries is a pre-requisite for success of a TNA.

The vision of the organisation is very important in this regard because it provides the answer to three pertinent questions, where does the organisation see itself in the future, how does it perceive success and whether it has a complete picture of its goals?